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To do this, we follow very strict procedures for checking panellists' registrations and their participation in surveys.

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Our panel of respondents


What is a Panel of respondents?

Une solution accessible à tous Une solution accessible à tous

A Panel of respondents (or “Consumer Panel ”, “Access-Panel”) is a pool of qualified individuals (panellists), consisting of several, hundreds and thousands of members who regularly share personal information related to their private and professional life, their homes, their purchasing patterns and behaviours, among other things.

The panellists can be contacted any time to answer surveys related to opinion polling, market or scientific research. They will often be pre-determined based on their profile, so as to limit their participation to surveys that directly concern them.

A panellist, who does not have a motorbike licence for example, will not be able to participate in a survey on motorbike dealership creation. Similarly, a panellist living in Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool will not be contacted to respond to a questionnaire based on the creation of a restaurant in London.

A Panel should not be confused with a sample. While conducting a survey, the sample only includes the panellists who have answered the questionnaire (for example: a survey in which 1000 people have been interviewed, will be considered a sample of 1000 respondents).

The Panel of respondents available on our platform was created at the initiative of our company, MIS Group, a research institute founded in 2001 that assists - through its 3 expert units Made in Surveys, Panelabs, and Creatests - major national and international brands, research and consulting firms, marketing and communication agencies, public institutions, universities/business schools, and small businesses in conducting their surveys.

Our Panel of respondents is one of the largest Access-Panels in the United Kingdom, France and Italy. New members are recruited daily through various websites that we own (for example: our website PanelOpinion). Their approach is entirely voluntary, as it is they who decide to register on our websites to participate in surveys.

Furthermore, we are members of the international association ESOMAR, whose purpose is to promote best practices among market research and survey professionals, including taking measures to ensure the reliability of the Panel of respondents and to respect the privacy of the individuals who are a part of it. ESOMAR has established an international code of ethical practices, which we are committed to following scrupulously: the ICC/ESOMAR code.

In addition, as demonstrated by the control procedures detailed below, the recruitment of panellists and their activity on our various websites and surveys are carried out in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been applicable since 25 May 2018.
For example, each member of our Panel of respondents has confirmed their intention to join us thrice (triple opt-in panel): consent in the registration form, validation of the registration request by email, and final validation by SMS.

Our control procedures

Email address Email address
Cellphone number Cellphone number
Postal address Postal address
Survey answers Survey answers
Forme géométrique
Forme géométrique
Forme géométrique


To join the panel of respondents , the panellist must fill out a registration form


1. The email given is checked automatically to ensure it is not in the panel of respondents already, avoiding duplicate registrations

2. An email is automatically sent to the address with a confirmation link to ensure it really does exist and is indeed the future panellist’s own


1. The mobile phone number given is checked automatically to ensure it is not in the panel of respondents already, avoiding duplicate registrations

2. An SMS is automatically sent to the number with a confirmation code to ensure it really does exist and is indeed the future panellist’s own


Once the email and cellphone have both been checked, the panellist’s registration is automatically confirmed


Each new respondent signing up to our panel is given a starting-score of 10/10


We ask each new panellist to complete 14 profile questionnaires to get to know them better and be able to offer surveys that match them

Thanks to the profile questionnaires, we have over 180 criteria for pre-targeting our panellists.
Our panel of respondents is ultra-qualified!


Once we have enough information about the panellist, we can then offer surveys that match them (i.e. designed for people with their profile)


Each time the panellist takes part in a survey, they are checked both automatically then manually by our research managers:

automatic calculation of response times, response congruence tests, consistency between answers and data previously entered in the 14 profile questionnaires, quality control of the open answers, verification of answers to the trap questions when applicable, and so on.


We use the panellist’s confidence score (out of 10) to track how conscientiously they complete surveys over time. If we find questionable survey results, the score goes down:

from -1 point for response times deemed a bit too fast, to -10 points for dismissive written answers such as “xwrcftz”.
If the score goes lower than 10/10, we give them fewer surveys and check their answers more carefully. If the score drops to 0/10, respondents are excluded from the Panel of respondents once and for all.


A conscientious panellist earns points by taking part in our surveys. The points are recorded and accumulate in an online piggy-bank, for later exchange into gift-vouchers or their local currency.

The incentive rewards the panellist for the time they give us in taking part in the surveys.


By sending gift-vouchers by post, we ensure that the panellist’s postal address does indeed correspond to the place of residence given on registration.

In addition – irrespective of the incentive system – whenever there’s a doubt as to the panellist’s postal address, we send a letter containing a confirmation code they must enter the next time they log on (and be able to keep on taking part in surveys).

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